Saturday, February 21, 2015

grammar focus modal auxiliary

Inilah pelajaran bahasa inggris tentang grammar focus yg membahasa modal auxiliary

  • Must
    - necessity.  keharusan yg mutlak ada sangsi pelanggaran
     contoh :  must I read it... ?
                   he must go right now...!
                  we must help them now... ?
                   must I hear your opinion.. ?
                   lou must do your home work.. !
                   it must be written first.. !
    - certinity.  kemungkinan besar [90%]
         They  must be happy
         She must be able to do it
         He must be rich. He was driving a new brow.
    - advisibility.  bersifat menyarankan / mengajurkan dan tidak menekankan suatu keharusan.
    : You should qo now..
      this problem should be handled by him.
      let me handle this trouble, you should sleep / take arest:
      You should consider some thing.
      The losser should be killed
    -certainty in future.
     - She work so hard. She should be truckles

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