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Ini adalah pelajaran bahasa inggris tenteng grammar focus yg membahas masalah apostrophe s.
  • Apostrophe s ('s) and apostrophe (') to show possession. one way of indicating possession is by putting the name of a person (proper nouns) or other nouns in to the possessive from.
  • In general, possession is shown by adding apostrophe s ('s) after a persons name or after a singular from.
  • (Note: not all nouns can have the possessive from)
    For example:                                              Singular noun:

    Person's name:                                          
    - Myrna's husband                                     - His wife's last name
    - Dr. Anhari's children                                - My cousin's daughter
    - Bill's car                                                  - Our uncle's car.
  • But it a person's name ends in an s ' sound, then either apostrophe s or apostrophe may be, used.
    for example:

    person's name:
    - Azi's office                         ==>                    Azis'  office
    - Mortis's motor cycle          ==>                    Mortis' motor cycle
    - Charles's car                        ==>                    Charles' car.

    for pluray froms ending in an -s- sound, only apostrophe is used. for example:
    - My counsins' toys
    - Her parents' anniversary
    - My friends' program
    - My brothers' eneniy



A. Animate  ==> Alive  ==> 's (apostrophe s)
B. Un animate  ==> Not alive  ==> of
  • Animate: Kata benda untuk benda hidup/ yg bernyawa, maka untuk menyatakan possesive-nya           biasanya digunakan apostrophe atau apostrophe s 
    contoh: donna's big car. charles 'wife, ents
  • Un animate: Kata benda untuk benda mati / yg tak bernyawa, maka untuk menyatakan possesive-nya bissanya digunakan "preposition of"
    - People of indonesia, windne of home, wings of air plane, power of love, fire of car, brain of computer.
    untuk menyatakan possesive juga bisa digunakan cara dari kalimat "adjective".
    - People of indonesia  ==>  Indonesian people
    - Wings of air plane  ==>  Air plane wings
      (possesive case)             (adjective case)


Terbagi menjadi 2 (dua)
- Pure adjective (murni adjective)
-Nouns adject ==> Yaitu kata sifat yg berasal dari kata benda, atau kata benda yg berfungsi menjadi kata sifat.
Contoh: kitchen and table : dua kata benda akan berubah menjadi kata sifat (adj) apabila di rubah / di satukan hingga membentuk satu arti. maka kitchen table. (meja dapur).
- Kitchen menerangkan table
- Fungsi adjective ialah menerangkan nouns...!
Word: kata   Phrase: kumpulan kata yg membentuk arti.
  • Extremely cold weather. (contoh sebuah phose) adverb adj. Nouns
Adjective  ==> Menjelaskan nouns
Adverb    ==> Menjelaskan adjective dan verb
Contoh: work hard, work well, sing well, live happily
  • Nouns:  - Bisa subject atau object
               - Subject suplement
  • Linking verb: ==> Adalah sebuah  kata kerja pelengkap
      He is a techer ==> Konteksnya linking verb
      He is doing     ==> Uonteksnya BE


  • the man wears white shirt.
    the is my father
    => the man who wear white shirt is my father
  •  main clause andepedent clause.   kalimat yg berdiri sendiri
    => the man is father.                    merupakan kalimat yg jelas

    depedent clausa. kalimat tambahan. tidak bisa berdiri sendiri
    => who wear white shirt.  merupakan kalimat tidak jelas
  • WHO  =>  proper nouns (man)
    WHICH/ THAT  =>  Nouns (tings)
  • Nouns  =>  which / that
    - the building stands around the carner.
    - the building is a hospital
    * the building that / which stands around the corner is a hospital.
    Note: boleh pake apa saja, which atau that. tak ada perbedaan. Kecuali sedikit sekali
    Misalnya: di pojok itu hanya ada satu gedung maka which atau that, kalo di pojok banyak gedung maka pake which

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